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This website is dedicated to the province of Jauja its inhabitants , their ancestors during their times. Pre Inca, Inca Empire , Conquest, Colonial , the struggle for independence and the present , who shaped the history of this beautiful city of Jauja , his determination for a better life free, independent, justice and nobility. For the whole world knows the history and grandeur of Peru , while inviting them to know the great Confederation Xauxa HUANCA in the Pre Incas and the Jauja who emigrated from the province to seek a better future , to remember with pride and nostalgia and invite them to their offspring return to this his native land, to improve and to remain the Mantaro valley pride and great River Hatun Mayo (river Mantaro ) , which for many decades waiting recognizing and encouraging regional authorities your local authorities to give the story kept enhancement to publicize its rich indigenous customs , folk and religious still has this beautiful region


 Tourist information

This province located in the central mountains of Peru has been favored by nature which has manifested itself in a very peculiar way giving it beautiful highland lakes where he practiced rowing, splendid valleys and stunning scenery that is not found elsewhere of Peru. Places that allows you to Ecotourism controlled adventure.
Jauja has vast cultural wealth. has countless items in their living heritage that is expressed in the folklore of his thirty-four districts. It has been called the Athens of Central Peru by the intellect of their children. Even today not only give jauja laurels but to Peru. for example the author of the novel "Land of Jauja", Edgardo Rivera Martínez



 There are important archaeological complex as we have shown 

in the pre Inca citadel of Siquillapucara (Xauxa national capital-Huanca) in Inca times was one of the great Wanka llacta Wamani, called Hatun Xauxa important part in providing food for the Inca empire was also part of a road network linking the major cities of the Inca times.

 In times of conquest and viceroyalty was the first capital of the new Kingdom of Castile (Spain) covering lands which are currently jurisdiction of other countries (Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina) and independence was rather impressive battles waged by its inhabitants for their ideals of freedom and justice. In the republic was characterized by political characters, great teachers, writers and artists.


Culture Information



It is necessary to disseminate information about the famous people who honor the province of jauja with his works, so that the Jauja, especially children and young people know about their lives and works and valued as their paradigms.

The thirty-four districts of Jauja possess unique cultural elements and favorite sons who excel in music, painting, literature, education and other fields of culture. A jauja has been called the Athens of Central Peru by the intellect of their children. 

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Here you will find valuable information on the various institutions, government agencies and sector offices in the province of Jauja, as well as the services we offer through the Internet (A forum where you can intervene with opinions, greetings and orders listings which alumni can take part by registering) and tourism services (lodging, restaurants and transport) that offers visitors Jauja